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     How to care for your bag

We would like to thank you soo much for your support, Camel leather, in our opinion, is the most Luxurious, not talked about leather!!!  It's also one of the strongest leathers in the world, and the most resistant to tears.  You will notice a slight smell in the bag, which will go away after time.  Some say, "The stinkier the leather, the better quality it is".  

If you have a colored leather bag, please be aware that there might be some slight coloring on your cleaning cloth the first time you clean it due to the dies.  This is totally normal.

1.  Use a leather conditioner once every 6 months, or as needed.  a little goes a long way, wipe the excess off.

2.  Store in a Dry Place when not in use...

3.  To help keep the shape of your bag, when not in use, stuff with air paper, bubble wrap.

4.  If you scratch your bag...its not the end of the world, scratches can be buffed out with Leather conditioner!!!

5.  A great option is also to use a weather protectant .  It will protect your bag against spills, weather, etc.  

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harmony records inc Cares

We, at HRI believe in giving back.  At least 50 percent of all proceeds will go back to Morocco!!! We will be going back to Morocco next summer, and hitting the streets!!!  We plan to post pictures and video all of our charity work on here so that you can see first hand, the smiles and blessings you are bringing the homeless and the needy...We will also be doing live feeds on facebook and Instagram!!!  

Thank you all again so much in supporting us.  Please Scan your purse often for updates!!!!  Also, check out our blog and comment!!!  We would love to hear from you!!!


Melissa Dunlap-Benachir, CEO