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Coley raye 


Moroccan Mint glow

Saida Raye is hands down the most luxurious all natural, hand made beauty products that are offered in this city, and possibly the US!!!  We would like to present to you our first product to hit the US... Moroccan Mint Glow Dead Sea salt rub...Let me just tell you some of our ingredients and I am sure, you will want to try this for yourself!!!  First, all of our ingredients are imported from Africa and the middle east!!!  

1. Conflict free Diamond Dust...YASSS, REAL DIAMONDS!!! (only offered in body scrubs, not recommended for your face)

2. Dead Sea Salt from Israel...I can't even begin to tell you the difference between dead sea salt and regular sea salt!!!  Dead Sea Salt has more minerals and more healing capabilities!!!

3.  Moroccan Mint Tea

4.  Moroccan Argan Oil

5. Essential Oils

These are just some of the ingredients that are in our products.  The Moroccan Mint Glow is designed to tighten skin,  minimize cellulite, moisturize your skin and leave your body more youthful, smoother to the touch and glowing!!!

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*More info to come*